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Vereniging Nederlandse Industrie Apothekers – NIA

De Vereniging Nederlandse Industrie Apothekers (NIA), established on the 16th of april 1955, is a professional association of pharmacists who work in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical wholesale or affiliated companies. The NIA aims to represent the interests of its members and to promote the industrial pharmacy in all its facets. The NIA maintains contacts with international organizations such as the FIP (Federation International Pharmaceutique) and the EIPG (European Industrial Pharmacy Group).

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What is STIP?

STIP stands Startende en Talentvolle Industriële Pharmaceuten (Starting and talented industrial pharmacists). STIP is a new section of the NIA, the Nederlandse vereniging voor Industrie Apothekers.

STIP network has been realized by two young pharmacists with the aim to unite starting pharmacists (0-5 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry) to exchange experiences and knowledge. In addition, STIP wants to offer pharmacy and (bio-) pharmaceutical sciences students a platform to get in contact with the pharmaceutical industry.

In short, a dynamic, talented and energetic group!

Do you envision yourself as a future industrial pharmacist? Or do you want to know more about the industry?

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The board of NIA:

President: Mirena Nouwen

Secretary: Ton Steen

Treasurer: Marcella Brouwer-Davidis

Board member: Klaas Riepma

Board member: Gertjan Horsthuis

Board member: Jasper Lodder

Board member: Irene Goertz-Berson