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Vereniging van Jonge Apothekers – VJA

The VJA was established in 1995, when the KNMP made the registration phase mandatory for beginning public pharmacists. The registration scheme requires continuous evaluation and adjustment, something for which the VJA is committed from its inception. You can be a member of the VJA for up to five years after the registration phase. The general objective of the VJA is to look after the interests of young pharmacists, such as responding to problems and issues that are mainly encountered by starting public pharmacists. If you have any questions about this, please let us know. This way we keep an eye on what is happening and we can help where possible to find a solution. The VJA can be a link between you as a recently graduated young pharmacist and the government, pharmaceutical institutions and the business community. We like to act as a voice for the young pharmacists and it is therefore important that there is contact between the

The Jonge Apotheker magazine appears four times a year. The contents of this, together with other useful information, can also be found on our website www.vja.nu. Not only at the General Members Meeting (around March) is there direct contact with our members, but also at our annual roadshows in the country, where our policy is discussed with our members. Of course you can always write or e-mail us at info@vja.nu.

The VJA organizes various cozy and useful meetings. A few examples are the annually recurring Spring Day, Patient Day, Social Day, Tax Reporting Evening, VJA-K.N.P.S.V. activity and various accredited courses. There is also a regional coordinator for regional contact per region. More information about the regions can be found on our site www.vja.nu.

The VJA also works closely with the Association of Pharmacists in Training to Hospital Pharmacist (VAZA) and the National Organization of Aspirant GPs (LOVAH). For example, regular activities are organized at both regional and national level.

The VJA makes an effort to assist you as a young newly graduated public pharmacist. Because the members of the board also have a full time job, we are partly depending on the efforts of our members. You can express your interest in being involved in the management. There is always a possibility to be active in one or more committees that the VJA is rich with.
We hope to welcome you as an active member (student-member can also be a master student) of our association to allow our activities to take place as widely as possible and to contribute to the development of the young pharmacist.

For questions and further contact you can email us at: info@vja.nu

Het bestuur v.l.n.r.

President: Nikita Chouhan

Secretary: Joeri Arkink

Treasurer: Iris Zuydgeest

Comminication: Yvette Nusse

Organisation: Cleo Chung

Specialism: Marleen van Brussel

Political and social affairs: Cindy Hoonhout