The Individual Mobility Project (IMP)

What is the IMP?
The IMP is an internship program of the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA). In early 2013, the K.N.P.S.V. started up the IMP in the Netherlands. So far, 22 European countries have participated in the project. The idea behind the IMP is to form the link between talented, motivated (bio) pharmacy students and leading pharmaceutical companies. It can be difficult for students to find an (international) internship and vice versa for companies to get in touch with a high-quality intern.

What does an IMP internship mean?
An ‘IMP placement’ is a paid internship abroad that can take 2 to 12 months. When an internship is available in Europe, we announce this via the website, the member mail and social media. It states what the content of the internship is, when it starts and how long it takes. During your stay abroad you will receive assistance in finding accommodation, applying for a visa and insurance.

Who is the IMP for?
The students who participate in the project are busy with their Master or have just graduated. The intern is selected on the basis of his or her CV, motivation letter, interviews and a language proficiency test.

How can you participate?
Students who are interested can take a look at the EPSA website for more information. On this website you will find all available internships. You can also send an e-mail to, then you will be contacted you if an internship abroad is available.

Companies, institutes, hospitals or associations that are interested in participating in the IMP please contact the National IMP Coordinator.

Katie Remmers

National IMP Coordinator