Prof. Dr. Breimer

Prof. Dr. Breimer


Honorary member since 1987

Prof. Dr. Douwe Breimer started studying pharmacy in Groningen in 1962. He passed his doctorate exams cum laude and followed it up two years later with the pharmacist exams.
In 1988 he was appointed as honorary member of the A.N.P.S.V. His advice is gladly obtained when organizing symposia and the current location of our archive has been given to us thanks to Prof. Dr. Breimer.

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Prof. Schobben


Honorary member since 2003

Prof.  Schobben studied pharmacy at the University of Utrecht from 1966 to 1975. He was president of U.P.S.V. “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum” in 1971 – 1972. The next year, 1972 – 1973, he became president of the A.N.P.S.V. His wife, whom owns a pharmacy in Soest, was also a member of this board. Prof. Schobben got promoted on the area of therapy and the kinetics on epilepsy.

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Drs. Schikan


Honorary member since: 2018

Hans Schikan studied Pharmacy at Utrecht University. He graduated in 1986. In his student years he was very active in different committees of Unitas Pharmaceuticorm in Utrecht and the A.N.P.S.V. He was president of the A.N.P.S.V. in 1982-1983

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