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Folia Pharmaceutica 2019-2020

Thirsa de Kluis

Kathalijne Bruens 

Qiong-yi Wu.

Tammie Cao
First Editor

Jenny Lam
Second Editor

Marlie Albers
Third Editor

Dear members of the K.N.P.S.V.,

Dear readers,

The Folia Pharmaceutica committee ‘Focus’ 2019-2020 is looking forward to a great year full of interesting stories! The committee is ready to focus on composing five wonderful editions of the Folia Pharmaceutica. We would like to introduce ourselves to you:
President: The president keeps an overview of everything that goes on within our committee. Also, the president will provide every Folia with a preface to make sure the reader knows what to expect in that edition of the Folia. This year, this role is taken on by Tirsa de Kluis.
Secretary: Kathalijne Bruens is this year’s secretary of the Folia Pharmaceutica committee. She will make sure that when the Folia is ready, it will be distributed to you all so you can read it. In addition, at the end of this year, she will write a secretarial annual report so you can find out how our committee has been doing this year.
Treasurer: The treasurer has a very important job. She is responsible for the recruitment of sponsors, which makes it possible to make our Folia as beautiful as possible. This job is fulfilled by Qiong-yi Wu.
Editors: The editors are responsible for the most important part of the Folia, which is the content! The Folia has three editors that together take care of the contact with the writers from inside as well as outside the country and the lay-out of the Folia. Our editors are Tammie Cao, Jenny Lam and Marlie Albers.
We already made a nice selection of themes for the editions of this academic year. We hope you enjoy reading them!

On behalf of the Folia Pharmaceutica committee 2019-2020 “Focus”,

Tirsa de Kluis
h.t. President Folia Pharmaceutica committee 2018-2019

E-mail: folia@knpsv.nl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foliapharmaceutica/

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