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Folia Pharmaceutica 2018-2019

Clara Mayunga

Kaatje Knol

Fons Poon

Julian Voet
First Editor

Nicole Wiersema
Second Editor

Mayon Jousma
Third Editor

Dear members of the K.N.P.S.V.,

Dear readers,

The association’s magazine of the K.N.P.S.V., Folia Pharmaceutica, is published five times a year. Here you can read, among other things, reports from K.N.P.S.V. activities, international activities, and scientific articles. This year the Folia Pharmaceutica committee, with the name ‘’FORZA’’, consists of six students from Groningen. I would like to introduce you to my committee members. Kaatje Knol is our secretary. She keeps track of what is discussed during the meetings and manages the Folia mail. Our treasurer, Fons Poon, maintains contact with the sponsors and checks the finances of the Folia. Our editors are Julian Voet, Nicole Wiersema, and Mayon Jousma. Together, they ensure the beautiful layout and articles of the magazine. And I, Clara Mayunga, am the president of this committee. I have the task to prepare the meetings and ensure that the deadlines are met.

We are looking forward to the coming year and we hope that, like in previous years, you will enjoy reading the Folia Pharmaceutica with great pleasure!

On behalf of the Folia Pharmaceutica committee ‘’FORZA’’ 2018-2019,

Clara Mayunga

h.t. president Folia Pharmaceutica committee 2018-2019

E-mail: folia@knpsv.nl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foliapharmaceutica/

Do you want to read old Folias? Go to http://knpsv.nl/vereniging/folia-pharmaceutica/ (Dutch only)