Folia Pharmaceutica 2021-2022

Melanie Brandenburg

Lisa de Jong

Elisa van het Groenewoud

Luca Schoonheim
First Editor

Gerrie Keuning
Second Editor

Marco van Wijk
Third Editor

Dear readers,

The purpose of the Folia Pharmaceutica is to provide information to the members of the K.N.P.S.V. by the members of the K.N.P.S.V. We are the first interurban committee of the K.N.P.S.V. that comes from Amsterdam and it is, therefore, an honour for us to be able to fulfil this task this year. Our goal this year is to entertain you with our pieces in the Folia and we will do our utmost to give it a more chemical touch than in previous years. After all, we are studying Pharmaceutical Sciences. We would like to introduce ourselves as “Forsythia” the Editorial Committee of the Folia Pharmaceutica ’21/’22.

A forsythia is a yellow spring flower and symbolically represents spring & new beginnings. There is a saying that says “after a long and cold winter, we are all longing for the sun and the first flowers to bloom”, and that is exactly what we are longing for: a new fresh start, where our Folia is “the first flower to bloom”. The corona times are gradually coming to an end and we are returning to “normal” life. Let us introduce ourselves now. The president is Melanie Brandenburg. She is 21 years old and she likes to listen to music, which is not necessarily considered nice by those around her. Furthermore, she loves sports, to do and to watch, and then mainly to watch the games of AZ. The secretariat consists of Lisa de Jong. She is 22 years old and she was born and raised in Amsterdam. She has been playing field hockey since she was five years old and besides playing field hockey she can often be found at parties in the city, the gym or the VCSVU get-togethers. Elisa van het Groenewoud is our treasurer. She is 21 years old and is now in her fourth year of study. She likes to spend her free time with music, which can vary from listening to it, playing it herself or watching it in a concert hall. She also likes to see as much of the world as possible, so she loves to travel. Luca Schoonheim is our first editor, she is 20 years old and has lived in Amsterdam her whole life. Besides that she likes playing korfball, reading books, drinking beer and (at the same time) watching AJAX. Recently she started going to the movies a lot because she has a cineville pass! Our second editor is Gerrie Keuning, he is 18 years old and a real movie fanatic. Besides that he likes reading, sports, watching Youtube movies and TikTok and he is keeping track of the number of streams in his music library. You can definitely call that dedication! Marco van Wijk is our latest editor. He is 20 years old and born in a town near Utrecht. Nowadays he lives on a farm with dairy cows in the Beemster. In his spare time, he likes to do sports, especially soccer, which he has been doing almost all his life. Besides that, Marco is not to be missed at the third half, he is always around for a beer, with friends or study mates!

On behalf of the editorial committee of Folia Pharmaceutica ’21-’22 “Forsythia”,

Melanie Brandenburg

h.t. chairman of the editorial board of Folia Pharmaceutica ’21-’22 “Forsythia”.