Vereniging van Jonge Apothekers – VJA

The VJA has been committed to the interests of young (public) pharmacists since 1995 and is helping the young pharmacists on their way during the important first years of their careers. The VJA responds to problems and issues that are mainly encountered by starting public pharmacists. The VJA can be a link between you as a student or recently graduated young pharmacist and the government, pharmaceutical institution and the business community. The VJA does this, among other things, by organizing refresher courses and informative meetings, as well as social activities. A few examples are the annually recurring Spring Day, Patient Day, Social Day, Tax Reporting Evening, VJA-K.N.P.S.V. activity and various accredited courses. There is also a regional coordinator for regional contact per region. The VJA also works closely with the Association of Pharmacists in Training to Hospital Pharmacist (VAZA) and the National Organization of Aspirant GPs (LOVAH). For example, regular activities are organized at both on a regional and on a national level. Last but not least, De Jonge Apotheker magazine is published four times a year.

Membership of the VJA

Would you like to develop yourself as a young pharmacist? Sign up as a member of the VJA! It is possible to acquire a student membership as (bio-)pharmacy student with a bachelor title. The student membership costs €15,- each year. This membership brings many benefits:

  • You receive a discount on symposia and activities of the VJA
  • You receive e-mails with the latest updates on pharmacy and activities
  • You receive De Jonge Apotheker four times a year
  • Information and guidance during the further training to a public pharmacist
  • Advice on career opportunities as a pharmacist

For more information about the membership at the VJA click here.


For questions and further contact you can email us at:

President: Iris de Jong

Secretary: Evianne van der Kruk

Treasurer: Ivo Schueler

Communication: Bery Sanaan

Organisation: Marit Hooijman

Specialism: Robin van der Klip

Political and social affairs: Marianna Abadier