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Sports Committee 2019-2020

Aïsha Bandringa

Samson Bulsink

Thomas Rouw

Eline Modder

Jeske Eras

Dear members,

This year this committee will organize a, hopefully, beautiful sports day. We will do this with a complete delegation from Utrecht and I would like to introduce them to you.

Samson is an enthusiastic man who’s just discovered the bright university life as a freshman CPS-student. Socializing is no stranger to him since he is from the festive Brabant. Opinions are divided on whether he speaks decent Dutch, but he is always ready for a chat. Furthermore, he likes running and writing. This, hopefully, makes him the ideal secretary.

Thomas is from Zeeland. The distance between Zeeland and Utrecht is big, so he combines traveling with his CPS-study, running, drinking and occasionally kicking a football with friends. It is said that the people from Zeeland are frugal, so the role as treasurer seems to be right for him.

Eline is a freshman CPS-student. When you think of sports, Eline might not be the first person that comes to mind. But make no mistake, because this bouncing ball loves to shake her hips on the dance floor, can ‘hula hoop’ amazing and even runs sometimes in the fitness center. Born in Amsterdam, raised in The Hague and currently studying in Utrecht she is a Jack of all trades, in other words the ideal commissioner.

Jeske is a freshman pharmacy student from the always pleasant Brabant. In the last year she has already gained a lot of experience as a treasurer at the EFC. She would like to take on a different position next year and therefore wants to become a member of this amazing committee. She doesn’t have a lot of sports experience, but maybe after this year she will be a full on fit girl.

In the past year I have gained experience in the international committee and I hope this is enough to steer this commission in the right direction. In terms of sports, I play the first, second and especially the third half on Sunday.

We look forward to organizing an active sports day, and we hope to see you all there.

On behalf of the Sport committee 2019-2020,

Aïsha Bandringa

h.t. chairman of the Sports committee.