Sports Committee 2021-2022

Tharsiga Selvanayagam

Khanh Pham

Keona Fokke

Emilija Radonic


Jason Lin

Dear members of the K.N.P.S.V.,

Do you recognise that, watching Netflix all evening and lying on the couch? We, the sports committee, will change that. Consisting of 4 spicy aunts and 1 powerlifter, we would like to introduce ourselves as the sports committee ‘Spicy’. Next year we will be organising fun sports events to keep everyone fit and healthy.

We have Tharsiga Selvanayagam as our chairperson. She is studying Pharmacy in Utrecht and besides all that studying she is a fanatic volleyball player at VV Van Slag. For culinary delights, kitchen princess Tharsiga is also the go-to person.

Our secretary is headed by Khanh Pham, who is also studying Pharmacy in Utrecht. As a true Dutchwoman, she played korfball for a long time, but that has now been replaced by taking her regular bike instead of her E-bike. She likes to socialise and can often be found with her friends in the city or on a terrace.

Keona Fokke, the treasurer, likes to be the sunshine in the house. She can be recognised by her big smile as well as her strong willpower and light Flemish accent. She also pleads for shopping to be recognised as a sporting activity. She aims to make it an active and enjoyable sports day.

Emilija Radonic is studying CPS in Utrecht and will fulfil the role of commissioner on her first committee this year. Her hobby is sports too and therefore she is very eager to organise a nice sports event for you!

Poppea is in her first year of farmacie in Utrecht and will be commissioner this year. Besides that, she is the ADD’er of the committee. All Days Dreamy and very chaotic, but luckily she is always happy and a creative addition to the committee!

Finally, Jason Lin is also part of ‘Spicy’. He is a third-year bio-pharmaceutical sciences student in Leiden and will be a committee member. You will often see him in the gym, trying to balance his student life with a healthy body!

We are looking forward to organise an active sports day for you and hope to see you there.

On behalf of the sports committee 2021-2022,

Khanh Pham
Secretary of the Sports Commission