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The Association of Chemistry Students at VU University Amsterdam, or VCSVU for short, is a relatively young study association, which exists since October 1964.

Originally, the VCSVU was the place to become a member for both chemistry students and pharmaceutical science students. This changed two years ago however. The chemistry study program has been moved from the VU to the UvA. The new association for chemistry students in Amsterdam became the ACD ( Chemical association of Amsterdam) of the UvA. This gave VCSVU more opportunities in the pharmaceutical field. Since VCSVU turned in to a pharmacy-oriented association, she now is eligible for a membership at the K.N.P.S.V. They are still in the exploratory phase. This means that the VCSVU will be at as many events as possible and that of course all members of the other departments are cordially invited to also attend their events. These events include the monthly get-togethers (always with a theme), where with a cold Heineken the important issues of life are discussed. The speaker lunches, where someone who really knows about the important things in life. Of course, the upcoming first-year students are also taken into account by means of a first-year weekend and the always entertaining introduction week. The VCSVU hopes to meet as many  K.N.P.S.V. members as possible and become a full member as soon as possible.

The 56th board of VCSVU

President – Melissa van Raalte
Secretary – Melanie Brandenburg
Treasurer – Merel Wilms Floet
Commissioner of external relations – Alexander Odintsof
Commissioner of internal relations – Rafael Feijs