Activity fund


Guidelines activity fund K.N.P.S.V.

The fund can be granted to committees, members or the board to organize an activity that is renewing or that is an addition to an existing activity.

Handing in application

To apply for a fund, an email has to be sent to The board will then decide together with the regulation committee and the financial committee if the fund will be granted. If the board applies for the fund, the financial committee and regulation committee will make the decision.


Applications should be sent in latest 8 weeks before the (existing) activity. The application will be judged on the next points.

  • The application is preferably renewing or an addition to an existing activity
  • The application should be well thought through and substantiated
  • If there is a positive balance after the activity, the positive amount will go back to the fund
  • The number of members that can participate

Assessment application

Due to the fact that the board can also apply for the activity fund, the financial and regulation committee have the majority of the votes. They both get two votes and the vote of the board counts as one vote. A decision will be made based on the previous mentioned points, which can be granted, denied or persistent. The last decision means that the board, financial committee and regulation committee want a more substantiated application. The financial and regulation committee have ten workdays to make a decision. Three weeks after the request, a decision should be made and the decision will be communicated to the applicants.

If applicants don’t agree with the decision, they have the right submit an appeal so that a decision can be made again.