The K.N.P.S.V. offers a large variety of internships. Both local and abroad. Nationally we offer snuffelstages. These are one day internships in a pharmaceutical branch of your choice. (public pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, polyclinic pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry.) Click here for more information.

We offer 2 different internships abroad. The IMP and SEP.

The IMP is the individual mobility project. An ‘IMP placement’ is a paid internship abroad that can take 2 to 12 months. When an internship is available in Europe, we announce this via the website, the member mail and social media. The announcement states the content of the internship, when it starts and how long it lasts. During your stay abroad you will receive assistance in finding accommodation, arranging a visa and insurance. Click here for more information about the IMP.

Then there is also the SEP

The Student Exchange Program (SEP) is a mobility program of IPSF that offers pharmacy students the opportunity to take a look at pharmacy across the border. The program can take place in different sectors of pharmacy, such as in a public pharmacy or hospital pharmacy, industry or research.

The SEP usually takes place in the summer period for a month. During the SEP you will become acquainted with the pharmacy in one of the nearly 50 participating countries. Often social and cultural activities are organized by and for the students, so there is a chance to get to know (bio) pharmacy students and to discover the city. Click here for more information about the SEP.