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The Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie (KNMP) is the professional and branch association for pharmacists and pharmacies. As a national organization for pharmacists, the KNMP (1842) represents both the interests of its members and those of the pharmacy. Click here for more information about the KNMP.

De Vereniging van Jonge Apothekers (VJA) has been committed to the interests of the starting pharmacist since 1995 and helps pharmacists during the important first career years.  We achieve this by organizing trainings and informative meetings, but also with social activities. Click here for more information about the VJA.

The Vereniging van Nederlandse Industrie-Apothekers (NIA) is an independent association that was established in 1955. The association has regular members and extraordinary members. Regular members are pharmacists working in the industrial field. The other members, also working in industrial pharmacy and academically trained, are extraordinary members. The association has more than 500 members of which approximately 400 ordinary members. Click here for more information about the NIA.

The Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuisapothekers (NVZA) supports pharmacists from the hospital in their professional and social responsibility to ensure optimal (specialist) pharmaceutical care for patients who have a treatment relationship with their hospital. The NVZA is a scientific association and stimulates and promotes research, innovation and expertise promotion. The NVZA is affiliated to the FMS (Federation Medical Specialists) in which scientific associations of medical specialists work together to optimize specialist care for patients in and from hospitals. As of 1 January 2016, the NVPF (the Dutch Association for Outpatient Pharmacy) merged into the NVZA. Click here for more information about the NIA.

The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klinische Farmacologie en Biofarmacie is active for all pharmacists in the field of clinical pharmacology and bio-pharmacy. The NVKFB promotes education, research, practice and cooperation in clinical pharmacy and bio-pharmacy. The members consist of specialists in internal medicine, hospital pharmacists and other professionals with a biomedical background. Click here for more information about the NVKFB.