Drs. J.G.C.P. Schikan

Honorary member since: 2018

Hans Schikan studied Pharmacy at the University of Utrecht. He graduated in 1986. In his student years he was very active in different committees of Unitas Pharmaceuticorm in Utrecht and the A.N.P.S.V. He was president of the A.N.P.S.V. in 1982-1983.

He started his career at Organon in Oss and while working for this company he worked in Tokyo, Bangkok and Helsinki. In 1999, he and his family returned to the Netherlands. He started working as director of Organon, the Netherlands. In the timespan of 2004 till 2009 he worked at Genzyme in the specialism of rare diseases.  Following this he stared working as CEO at the company Prosensa in Leiden. Prosensa focusses on medication against the rare muscle disease Duchenne. Under his supervision Prosensa got a successful stock exchange listing in Nasdaq, New York. One and a half year later the company was taken over by the American company BioMarin for 680 million USD.  Currently Hans is working as consultant in diverse international BioTech companies, he invested in some of them. He is co-founder of Pharvaris, a company that focuses on oral therapy for rare hereditary angioedema.  Hans is married to his Swedish wife, also a pharmacist. He met her during a IPSF congress in 1982. They have two childeren.