Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuisapothekers – NVZA

The NVZA, founded in 1929, is the scientific association for pharmacists working in the hospital.

The Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists (NVZA) supports pharmacists at the hospital in their professional and social responsibility to ensure optimal (specialized) pharmaceutical care for patients who have a treatment relationship with their hospital.

The NVZA is committed to optimizing specialist pharmaceutical care from a three-part mission:

  • The pharmacist at the hospital is responsible for the specialized pharmaceutical care of patients who have a treatment relationship with the healthcare institution
  • The pharmacist at the hospital uses his / her expertise for patients for safe, effective and effective treatment with medicines
  • The pharmacist of the hospital works from a transparent, professional and efficiently controlled pharmacy

They are a scientific association and stimulate and promote research, innovation and expertise promotion. They are affiliated to the FMS (Federation Medical Specialists) in which they work together with the scientific associations of medical specialists to optimize the specialist care for the patient in and from the hospitals. They work closely with the KNMP (the Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion of Pharmacy). As of 1 January 2016, the NVPF (the Dutch Association for Outpatient Pharmacy) merged into the NVZA.

The NVZA appreciates and encourages the input of young hospital pharmacists. Among other things, we also have contact with the Association of Pharmacists in Training at Ziekenhuisapotheker (young NVZA). For more information, please visit our website, the Kennisplein with which we share information,

Young NVZA

Young NVZA is concerned with improving and promoting the training of hospital pharmacists and other pharmaceutical specialties by advising and thinking about experiences and points for improvement.

Every year they organize various activities to promote the experiences between the junior members and to impart knowledge. Activities they organize include soft skills training, symposiums, vision meetings and excursions combined with social activities.

Furthermore, they are committed to promoting the working conditions of all junior members.

For more information about the young NVZA click here and you can email to

President: Gerard Hugenholtz

Secretary: Bas van Vlijmen

Treasurer: Claartje Samson-Corbeij

General member: Jan Dietert Brugma

General member: Isabel Hidalgo

General member: Marleen Kemper

General member: Oscar Breukels