Professions day committee 2022-2024

Inge Flier

Milou Milet de St. Aubin

Marlon Geraerts

Luc van Rijn

Sharon Koers

Tharsiga Selvanayagam

Eline Vermeulen

Alette Kooiker

Dear members of the K.N.P.S.V.,

After we – pharmacy and (bio)pharmaceutical sciences students – have worked hard for years to get our hands on that one coveted piece of paper, it is important that we make a good and informed choice in the next step, choosing a job. To help you find your perfect job, we are organizing the Professions’ Day of the K.N.P.S.V in the fall of 2023. This way, we hope to give you a little more insight into all options. Who knows, you might find your dream job, or at least come a step closer to finding it!

The Professions’ Day is organised once every two years and will be held in Utrecht. The day is open to all pharmacy and (bio)pharmaceutical sciences students from the Netherlands. The day will have a general theme – which is still a secret for now – which the morning program will zoom in on. In the afternoon, there will be various workshop rounds. The Professions’ Day is therefore thé perfect day to take a closer look at what you would like to do after your studies, whether you are just starting out or are already in the final phase of your study. There is something for everyone.

The Professions’ Day Committee 2022-2024 consists of 8 enthusiastic pharmacy and (bio)pharmaceutical sciences students from Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht.

Our enthusiastic Milou Milet de St. Aubin and the cheerful Marlon Geraerts together form the secretariat. Luc van Rijn and Sharon Koers are our treasurers. Together they are a hardworking team, with Luc’s experience as treasurer at L.P.S.V. “Aesculapius” and Sharon’s drive. Our commissariat consists of the adventurous Tharsiga Selvanayagam, creative Eline Vermeulen and passionate Alette Kooiker. Finally, I, Inge Flier, am president of this wonderful committee. I hope that my experience as board member of the K.N.P.S.V. will help me and my amazing fellow committee members to prepare a wonderful and most of all useful day for you!

Hopefully we’ll see you in November 2023! The exact date will follow as soon as possible!


Inge Flier

h.t. President of the Professions’ Day Committee 2022-2024

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