Congress committee 2023-2024

Tamara van den Steen

Isis Borst

Sven Martens
Treasurer I

Jeffrey Jonkman
Treasurer II

Mila Bölger

Anne-Maartje Dolmans

Dear members of the K.N.P.S.V.,

Every year during the Ascension weekend, the K.N.P.S.V. organizes a congress. During this congress, students from Leiden, Groningen, Utrecht, and Amsterdam come together for various activities, including the congress General Assembly where the board transition takes place, a symposium, workshops, parties, and other events.

We, the 81st congress committee, have been given the honor of organizing the congress in May 2024 with the theme ‘Confuse.’ But who are we actually? Allow me to introduce the committee members (from left to right).

Mila Bölger is our Commissioner I. Mila has designed our beautiful logo and, along with the other commissioner, brings creativity to our committee.

Sven Martens is this year’s Treasurer I. Together with our other treasurer, Sven is responsible for all financial matters within our committee.

Now, it’s time for me to introduce myself. I am Isis Borst, the Secretary of the committee. As the secretary, I organize the symposium, handle communication with the members, and take notes during meetings.

Our Treasurer II is Jeffrey Jonkman. Despite the treasurers’ limited experience in their role, we hold complete confidence in their ability to thrive this year.

Now, let me introduce our President, Tamara van den Steen. Tamara leads our meetings and ensures efficient functioning of the committee. Additionally, she maintains contact with the K.N.P.S.V. board.

Lastly, I would like to introduce Anne-Maartje Dolmans. Anne-Maartje, also known as AM, is our Commissioner II this year. Alongside Mila, Anne-Maartje will be responsible for designing the congress booklet and keeping our Instagram page up to date.

On behalf of the entire committee, I am really excited to welcome all of you to our congress in May 2024! Let’s have an amazing weekend together!

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the 81st Congress Committee ‘Confuse’

Isis Borst

h.t. secretary of the 81st Congress Committee of the K.N.P.S.V.