L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”


The Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten Vereniging „Aesculapius’’, also known as „Aesculapius’’ was founded in 1885 as study association for pharmacy students. After removing the program pharmacy at the university of Leiden in 1985, „Aesculapius’’ became the study association for Bio-Pharmaceutical sciences. In 2016 the study pharmacy was reintroduced to the university of Leiden with the new master program pharmacy. That means that we are the oldest of Leiden and are going to give our new program a fresh look. This master will mainly be attended at the LUMC. In recent years the association has grown rapidly and will live on in the future, grow and flourish. Despite this growth, the strong bond among the members has stayed and has expanded.
The association is committed to represent the interests of all students and to give them a broader view to the pharmaceutical world. For example with annual lectures, symposia and excursions to pharmaceutical companies. There is also the monthly Derde Dinsdag Borrels (DDB’s), translated as third Tuesday drinks, in Café ‘De Kroeg’. And more social activities like the freshman weekend and „Aesculapius” weekend, theme parties, a yearbook, our association magazine, the festive celebration of our Dies natalis and of course the buitenlandse excursie (BUEX), the excursion abroad. We also raise money and support a charity every year. The many committees known to the association put in the effort and help organize these activities.

„Aesculapius’’ is not only a member of the K.N.P.S.V., but also a member to the Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging ter bevordering van de Pharmacie (KNMP). This gives members of „Aesculapius’’ the opportunity to go to activities such as the KNMP congress. „Aesculapius’’ is also a member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV)

All of that has been mentioned makes „Aesculapius’’ a social association where all members are always welcome. Proud to be as old as we are!

„Aesculapius” lied:

Wij Aesculapen hier in Leiden
Studeren samen BFW
Zullen elkander zeker steunen
Want die studie valt niet mee

Wij blijven vrienden voor het leven
En delen liefde, leed en lol
Zullen alles er voor geven
Schenk voor het proosten nog eens vol (proost!)

Wij allen Bio-pharmaceuten
Van die goede sleutelstad
Worden door ons „Aesculapius”
In een sterke band omvat

Hij leert ons allen flink studeren
Maar ook fuiven op zijn tijd
Die twee dingen combineren
Dat is heus geen kleinigheid!

Ja, wij collega’s van de toekomst
Kunnen van een ding op aan:
Die Aesculapenband in Leiden
Zal altijd blijven bestaan
Vivat, Crescat, Floreat „Aesculapius”!

The 138th board of L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”


praeses – Mila Bussing
ab-actis – Ingeborg Blom
quaestor – Madelief Den Toonder
assessor I – Timo Fleischer
assessor II – Vincent Balk

vaendrigh – IJsbrand Eggen