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International Committee 2019-2020

Jorn Ticheler

Kaatje Knol

Peter Rensen

Vahik Dawood

Job Markink

Ayla Pieterson

Eline Tielen

Dear members of K.N.P.S.V., dear readers,

Deep inside, everyone has a desire to discover the unknown. To go beyond the borders and seek new
adventures. However, it can be hard to fulfill this wanderlust, if you do not know where to start and
where to go. That is why we, as an international committee, are here to help.
Every road leading to being abroad during your studies and how to get there, we will show in our
International Lecture! Would you like to join an International congress? Are you not yet familiar with
the European Pharmaceutical Student Association and the international pharmaceutical student
federation? Do you want to do research or join an internship abroad? If so, you should definitely
On top of that we provide you this years TWIN to meet our Belgian fellow students in the wonderful
city of Antwerp! In the weekends of 11-13 October and 25-27 October, we will arrange two amazing
trips. With both cultural activities as well as a scientific linked program, we will make sure you
have an exceptional exchange experience.
To organize this unforgettable journey, we have teamed up between the three cities of Groningen,
Leiden and Utrecht. With Jorn Ticheler being our courageous chairman, a talented treasurer named
Peter Rensen, four charming commissioners called Job Markink, Ayla Pieterson, Vahik Dawood and Eline Tielen
and last but not least myself, a sophisticated secretary. So stop dreaming and start traveling.

On behalf of the International Committee of the K.N.P.S.V.,
Kaatje Knol
h.t. secretary International Committee 2019-2020 ‘Blink’