Prof. Dr. D.R.A. Uges


Honorary member since 2007

Prof. Dr. D.R.A. Uges studied Pharmacy at the Rijksuniversity Groningen (RuG). He was a member of the student association Vindicat. Prof. Dr. Uges was a clinical pharmacist and toxicologist at the University Medical Centrum of Groningen. He also was a professor on Forensic Toxicology at the RuG.

In 1981, Prof. Dr. Uges sworn in as a regular expert and regularly acts as a witness expert in various legal cases. This is one of the reasons he has many publications on his name. In 1982 Prof. Dr. Uges was appointed to Ridder van Oranje Nassau because of his proved services. The K.N.P.S.V. board ’05 – ’06 nominated Prof. Dr. Uges as honorary member during the congress GA and was appointed at the same assembly. He was appointed due to his affinity with pharmacy and the students.

Prof. Dr. Uges has meant a lot for the K.N.P.S.V. He has spoken many times on the Voorjaarsdag. He has also organized many workshops for the careers day. In the past years he has hosted many SEP-students in his pharmacy. His son was our standard-bearer in ’99 – ’00.