Committee for pharmaceutical policy

Charlotte Mittendorff

Esmee Wetzer

Tijn van Heuveln

Quinten Sprenkels

Emiljia Radonic

John Shaheen

The Committee for Pharmaceutical Policy and Advocacy is a new committee of the K.N.P.S.V., established in 2022. The committee focuses on representing the interests of students whose study association is a department of the K.N.P.S.V. General interest representation includes two related categories: interest representation and policy. Interest representation involves representing the interests of students during and after their studies within the K.N.P.S.V. Examples include improving education, good pharmacy practice, and good working conditions. The “policy” category includes addressing issues. These issues may relate to education, education in other countries, or sustainability (e.g., pharmaceutical waste). Mental health, the pharmaceutical industry in the Netherlands compared to other countries, or antibiotic resistance can also be subjects of such issues.

The Committee for Pharmaceutical Policy and Advocacy collaborates with third parties, including professional associations such as the KNMP, NIA, NVZA, NVKFB, and VJA. They also collaborate with EPSA and IPSF.

This year, the Committee for Pharmaceutical Policy and Advocacy organized the Bachelor Activity and the theme week, both of which focused on AMR: Antimicrobial Resistance.

Our committee consists of members studying in Utrecht, Groningen, and Leiden. Our committee members from Utrecht are Esmee Wetzer, Tijn van Heuveln, and Emiljia Radonic. John Shaheen and Charlotte Mittendorff are from Groningen. Finally, Quinten Sprenkels is from Leiden.

Additionally, we also have two board members who sit on our committee, namely Anne van de Loo and Eline Modder. Through Anne, we can represent the interests of Dutch (bio)pharmacy students at the international level (IPSF), and through Eline at the European level (EPSA).