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Future- and Education Perspectives Committee

Kimskie Tjong

Anne van de Loo

Sander Delwig
Treasurer I

Dene van Venrooij
Treasurer II

Sophie Flaus

Joy Rijstenbil

Jolie van Hummel

Lisa de Jong

Bram Wagner

Honourable members of the K.N.P.S.V.,

Dear readers,

Every year the ‘Future- and Education Perspectives Committee’ (FEP) organizes an activity
dedicated to personal development. This year, the ‘Personal Development Day’ (PDD) will
take place in Utrecht on the 14 th of March. To be able to develop on a personal level, several
workshop will be provided. These workshops can be pharmacy-related, however, the PDD
will also offer the possibility to train soft skills. The implementation of these workshops will
be announced a later moment.
This year the FEP will exist of 9 enthusiastic students coming from Amsterdam, Groningen,
Leiden and Utrecht. This year, Kimskie Tjong from Utrecht will take on the position of
President. She will take care that the PDD will go through without a fight. Meeting up with an
interurban committee is not possible without all the so-called ‘datumprikkers’ she sends.
Sander Delwig from Groningen will be responsible for the finances of the committee. As
Treasurer I he will make sure all ideas will be financially feasible. He already gained
experience during his 3 years of studying with getting by from a student loan. Thus, this
position will suit him perfectly. As Treasurer II, Dene van Venrooij will also be responsible
for the financial affairs. With only having 19 life years, Dene is the youngest of us all.
Though, this will not make any difference since he manages himself just fine financially.
The commissioners within the FEP will strengthen our committee considerably. To make the
PDD a success, we will definitely need their multifaceted talents. Sophie Flaus from
Groningen is our only half-breed within the committee. Her French background might be of
good help during the organisation. Joy Rijstenbil studies in Leiden and she will worry about
all biopharmaceutical students within the association. Also she does not lack the ability to
socialize seen the experience behind and at the bar. Jolie van Hummel and Lisa de Jong
represent the pharmaceutical students from Amsterdam within the committee. Lisa originates
from Amsterdam, she is born and raised there, and apparently she never wants to leave. Her
experience in the bar committee shows she loves a beer or two. Jolie will be able to embed her
experience as a board member well within the committee. Commissioner VI will be appointed
to Bram Wagner from Utrecht. He is the oldest of the bunch and will keep the K.N.P.S.V.
board updated on all plans.

We hope to make the best of the year and hope to successfully emplane the PDD.

On behalf of the Future- and Education Perspectives Committee of the K.N.P.S.V.,

Anne van de Loo
h.t. secretary Future- and Education Perspectives Committee (’19-’20)