Future Document

The new health care system that was implemented in 2006 has caused a lot of impact within the health sector and that includes the pharmaceytical sector. This influences all invlolved partieds. The implementation of market forces, development of the patient to consumer and a large increment in volume and prices command a new or possibly a different role for a pharmacist. This has caused many (professional) asociations and organisations to set up a vision of the future in a document about how the health care will have to look like.

The K.N.P.S.V. board of 2013-2014 came across some future visions that were in development and came up with the plan, in collaboration with local associations,  to discuss these topics with their students. Students are after all the future professionals and should have a voice in the development within the sector they are going to work in. This is the chance to show interest in the future and to discuss the future of our profession. Students are the future. With this idea there have been “future evenings” organized in Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht. During this evening different prepared topics about the future of the pharmaceutical healthcare were discussed. These topics have been discussed before in the future visions discussion of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering van de Pharmacie (KNMP), the department pharmacy of Utrecht University and the Vereniging van Jonge Apotheers (VJA).

The document presents the conclusion of the three organized evenings. It is a result of heavily discussed topics from motivated and involved students. A footnote has to mentioned as even though a lot of effort was put in involving as many students as possible, the attendance was was too small to officially call it the document a representative future vision of the (bio-)pharmacy student. However, the document does provide a good idea of the thoughts and motivations that play with students who are concerned about their future profession.

This document is only available in Dutch, but feel free to send the board an email to bestuur@knpsv.nl if you want more information or have any questions.

Lees hier het toekomstdocument