International Committee

The international committee of the K.N.P.S.V. organizes different activities such as the international evenings and the TWIN.

International evenings

During the international evenings, information about different activities of EPSA and IPSF is provided. Information about research, internships and exchanges abroad. The international evenings take place in Utrecht, Leiden and Groningen


The biggest project for the international committee is organizing the TWIN. The IC organizes the TWIN every year. It is an exchange between a group of students from two pharmaceutical study associations within Europe. Both countries have a weekend program full of integration between students and the comparison of the education is central. This is done in the form of educational readings and a social program. Students sleep at students’ homes during the TWIN, what makes it fun and inexpensive.

Promotion of the international activities is just as important as organizing the activities for the committee. So keep an eye on the committee and don’t miss out on amazing experiences EPSA and IPSF have to offer.

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