Lustrumcongress committee

Dear K.N.P.S.V.-members,

We are the Lustrumcongresscommittee and we would like to introduce ourselves. Every year during the Ascension weekend, the K.N.P.S.V. will organize a congress. During this congress, both serious activities, such as a symposium and workshops, and fun activities, such as parties will take place. Because it is a lustrum, we will even organize a gala!

Although we are a K.N.P.S.V. committee, we are all from Groningen.

Edwin Jager is our chairman. Apart from leading this committee, he committed to swimming and he has a really cute cat named Simba. He is the tall one in the photo.

Next up is Emma van Kampen (Vuurkamp). She is the secretary of the committee. As secretary, it is expected to have good spelling, but she has written Mei Dongs name wrong for years.

As if one Emma is not enough for one committee, we have two! Emma van Rijn (Johma) is one of the treasurers of the committee. She is already very skilled because of her board year at the K.N.P.S.V. Fun fact: both Emmas have a little brother called Bart.

We have not one, but two treasurers. Hilde IJbema is very adventurous. She planned to go to Australia to do her Masters project, but unfortunately for her, but luckily for us, it was postponed.

Our committee would be nothing without our commissioners. Thomas de Groot may look tiny in the photo; he says he is not. He claims to be at least 1.85m. You can judge for yourself when you see us at our congress.

Mei Dong Zomer (MD) completes our committee. Her name is way too long, so you can just call her MD. Her special talent is to make situations instantly super awkward (in a funny way) by her dry and sarcastic humor.

We hope to see you all in 2023 at our congress!

Lustrumcongress committee 2021-2023